March 2, 2019 - Alabama Power Corporate 600 N 18th St. Birmingham

The mission of the YWEC Ambassador program is to empower the Ambassadors to utilize the resources that are available around them to achieve their dreams and to teach the Ambassadors to believe in the beauty of their dreams and to acknowledge that they are attainable and to understand the steps required to bring them to fruition.

Program Details

Meetings - Monthly meetings will occur on specified Sundays from 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. and feature special topics pertaining to college, career-readiness, life issues, and much more. In addition, meetings will start with ambassador networking time/team check-ins and end with our Fierce and Fixable session.

Brunch with Champions - This is one of the highlight events for our ambassador program each year. Ambassadors will find a contact in the field or role they are passionate about to invite to this brunch tentatively planned for mid-November. The brunch will allow time for you to conduct an informational interview with this mentor and then present to the group what you learned. Internships and mentor matches are two of the wonderful results of past brunches.

Town Halls - Two ambassador planned town halls will be scheduled and executed by the ambassadors. These are community events where outside attendees will be invited. Committees will be created for logistics, marketing, recruitment, etc.

Volunteer Outings - Four opportunities will be held to conduct meaningful volunteer activities. All of these are encouraged, but at least two are mandatory.

Big Sister/Confidante - Each Ambassador will be paired with an adult volunteer who will check in periodically with their group of Ambassadors to make sure she is doing well, to encourage her along the way and to offer advice when needed.

Field Trips - These occasional excursions will be planned outside of the regularly scheduled meetings. These will be fun opportunities to learn (college tours) or bond (horse riding).


The YWEC Ambassadors are chosen each July. Their eight-month term begins in August and ends in April. They are selected based on the following: their completed YWEC application, attendance at the conference, a completed survey at the end of the conference and an interview. Their monthly meetings might include a workshop, community service or a mingle event. The ambassadors are also required to promote the conference at different events and invite a certain number of teens to apply for the upcoming conference.