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Upcoming Events

We are all counting the days until the 2017 Young Women's Empowerment Conference on Saturday, March 18th, but we would love to see you at one of our other upcoming events.

Wednesday, February 22nd - Fundraiser at Sky Castle
Join us at Sky Castle, one of Birmingham's hottest dining locations, for lunch or dinner to help support our mission. Plus our founders will be there!! Tell them you are with YWEC!

Friday, March 17th - PreConference Pajama Party
All invited 2017 attendees are invited to enjoy this night of interaction with speakers and students alike. Follow on Facebook for more details.

Saturday, March 18th - 9th Annual Conference
Applications close on 2/25 for this full day of learning, giveaways, listening and GROWTH! Updates to the schedule can be found on our site.
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Brunch With Champions

The sixth annual Brunch with Champions was the best yet! Thirteen YWEC Ambassadors invited professional "mentors" to meet with them for career one-on-ones. There were varied professions represented, including: an accountant, a lawyer, a musician, a nurse, a television personality, and several teachers and doctors. The mentors shared advice and challenges with the Ambassadors, encouraging them to go for their dreams, and to take it one day at a time. The Ambassadors also inspired the mentors to keep lighting the path for young adults who aspire to walk in their shoes. Always the gracious host, Jefferson State Community College's Chef Joseph Mitchell and his students once again served a delicious brunch at Bistro ProVare on the Shelby-Hoover Campus.

Think You're Ready for College?

An article by Khaia, University of Alabama at Birmingham student, Communications Studies - Public Relations

My career dream includes becoming a Public Relations Specialist for a non-profit organization geared towards empowering teen girls, a Media Personality and a Show Host!

Before I entered college...I wish someone would have told me that the classes aren't the hard part, you've been in school all of your life therefore you know how to learn. Time management is the biggest factor determining whether you will sink or swim. It would have also helped to have known that freedom is a matter of responsibility. You don't need to participate in everything, just knowing that you could if you chose to is liberating within itself.

I'm a freshman, and thus far...The single best experience I have had as a college student is meeting new people. Of all the people I have encountered from all over the states and even outside the country, each individual will teach you something new and exciting. What I learned about myself is that while I am accepting of different cultures and activities, I am not easily swayed from my own beliefs and morals.

If I could go back...I wish I had made time to apply for more scholarships. Tuition increases every year and that does not include room and board, meal plans, and textbooks. Yes your education is an investment worth taking out a few loans for, but you could be pocketing money and nearly debt free if you apply for scholarships. There is also the added leisurely expenses that you never considered might be a burden, like your monthly apple music subscription or dining out with friends. How will you afford these things?

Looking forward...What I am most looking forward to in my sophomore year is a new dorm room with cooking equipment, good-bye cup noodles! I am super excited about some of the classes I'll be taking like Women's Studies and Theatre. And I plan on joining a sorority.
Get to know an Ambassador

Serena is a senior at Oak Mountain High School. Ranked in the top 20%, Serena is in five honor societies. Her hobbies involve tennis and theatre. In June 2016, she was enrolled in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MOSTEC program studying majors astro- and quantum physics. This spring, she plans on joining the U.S. Army in West Point. "Despite my schedule, being a YWEC Ambassador is one of my most rewarding endeavors. I have learned how to carve a better future and inspire others, but most importantly, I've developed self-admiration," she says.

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