We love to receive feedback from our attendees because we created the conference for you and we want you to get the most out of it! The best way to get your opinions heard is to complete the survey distributed to attendees at the end of the event or you can shoot us an email.

The YWEC Ambassadors are chosen each July. Their eight-month term begins in August and ends in April. Check out the ambassador page for more information. ​

If I am accepted, what should I wear and what do I bring?
Why do I have to apply to attend?

No, currently we do not have the means to provide transportation. Your parents or other adult is encouraged to provide transportation to the event. Or, if you know that a friend will attend, ask for a ride! Imagine the great conversations you will have together on the way to and from the conference!

Can I talk with the speakers and get their information?

Yes and yes! The speakers are there to share their knowledge and experiences with you! They want to hear from you and provide guidance to you. Ask them lots of questions during the workshops! If you think a speaker would make a great mentor for your future career goals, ask about a shadow day or an internship! 

Are you providing transportation?

We do not charge teens to attend the conference. This is an event planned specifically to educate, entertain and empower YOU! Each conference is made possible thanks to our wonderful and generous sponsors. All we ask is that you share the information you receive with others, invite your friends to the conference and, of course, support our sponsors! ​

You must be a young woman between 14 to 19 years of age and complete the application by the deadline, which is usually one month prior the conference. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Since our first YWEC in 2009, we have had teens attend from Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Pell City and other parts of Alabama, as well as other states! We even had one student apply from the continent of Africa! 

Dress professionally but comfortably - in a skirt and appropriate top, a dress, slacks, etc. Athletic shoes of any type are not allowed. Bring a pen and small writing pad to take notes as well as the names and contact information of the professionals and teens you meet. 

Can my parent/guardian attend with me?
I don't live in Birmingham; will I still be considered if I apply?

Our exclusive guest list is about selecting deserving young women! Your GPA is not important to us; the application simply gives us insight to your student life, your community involvement and your future goals. We want to make sure you are interested in gaining knowledge from our dynamic speakers and have a genuine interest in attending the conference.​

What are the requirements to attend the conference?
How can I become a YWEC ambassador?

While parents are asked to encourage their daughters to attend and assist in thoughts surrounding the application, having adults answer the application is highly frowned upon. Completing the YWEC application will be great practice for college applications and more. We reserve the right to disqualify any application that shows questionable adult influence.​​

What if I can't make it to the conference?
 I have so much other stuff to do; can my mom apply for me?

Young Women's Empowerment Conference

You certainly can. Receiving an invitation to this conference is an honor. You should definitely add it to your resume! If you are one of our award recipients, it shows that you have exhibited outstanding leadership, and it should be listed on your resume and college applications.

If you can’t attend, we ask that you not apply so that another deserving girl who can attend will have a spot. If at the last minute you cannot make the conference, please email or call the number on your invitation as soon as you know you will not attend. We appreciate the courtesy!​

Is there any cost to me?
How can I suggest topics for future conferences?

Adults who are not part of the program are only invited to the awards portion of the event at the end of the day. We understand a parent’s concern for allowing you to attend an event without them. However, this event is teen-focused and parents tend to be a distraction. We have found that teens ask questions and become truly engaged with their peers, versus being guarded and self-conscious when parents are around. We have received tremendous feedback from parents about how their daughters open up, gain more self-confidence and set better goals following the day-long conference. Trust us, your parent allowing you to experience this event on your own is worth it. In fact, they should get prepared for all the information you will share when it’s over! If parents insist on attending, however, there will be a $25 non-refundable, parent-sitting charge due upon arrival. Please note: Parents will remain in a designated area for the entire event, unless otherwise noted.​

March 17, 2018 - 10th Annual Conference

Can I add the event to my resume?