Attendee feedback

March 2, 2019 - Alabama Power Corporate 600 N 18th St. Birmingham

From the 2018 YWEC Conference, I’ve learned that you can accomplish your dreams if you just work for it. Listening to the woman who owned the horse ranch and the published author, I’ve realized that you do not have to follow the path that others laid out for you. I can be my own person, do things that aren’t conventional nor practical, and ultimately create my own happiness.—YWEC Ambassador Kayla Carmichael

I learned from last year’s conference how to spot the signs of a toxic relationship and it empowered me to remove myself from a toxic friendship that I had found myself in for almost three years. —YWEC Ambassador Sequoia Tinnin

The skill of perseverance; there was a speaker who had a child in high school and had to raise them with no help but never stopped trying to fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor and she successfully raised a child in medical school and became a doctor. That woman showed me that if you push through your situation you can make it anywhere in life. —Devin Robinson

I have attended YWEC since my freshman year, and I have made new friends, branched out in meeting and speaking with new people, and have networked with important and accomplished women in Alabama. Most notably, after my sophomore year, I was able to secure an internship at Dr. Lubin's neuroscience lab because of networking with her at the conference. This internship has served integral to my high school experience. Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak on a panel about my experience at UAB, and this presentation helped me stretch my comfort zone and practice public speaking.—Katelyn McInerney 

From the past two YWEC, I have learned how important it is for me to surround myself around people who truly believe in me and love me. The world can be hard but having great people in your life to share this burden with can make life easier. This lesson has helped me to grow and sprout into a better person over the past two years.—YWEC Ambassador Sawani Jackson

Last year, I was given the opportunity to attend YWEC 2018. This experience changed my perspective and motivated me to continue to push through any obstacles I may face. The speakers and empowering environment assured me that I have the ability to achieve my dreams no matter what may get in the way. The most empowering part of the conference was when a speaker involved us in a dance. The lyrics of the song and the movements really made me feel empowered. Seeing all of the girls dancing together and getting empowered through the dance allowed me to feel as if I, as a woman, could do anything I challenge myself to.—YWEC Ambassador Johana Villavicencio 

One of the most important things I have learned from attending YWEC in the past is the importance of healthy relationships. The speakers encouraged me to take my happiness into my own hands and since then, I have ended all of my toxic relationships, and for the first time, I can confidently and comfortably say that I am 100% happy. –YWEC Ambassador Dominique Greene

One of the most important things I’ve learned from past YWEC conferences is about the type of friends that I should surround myself with. They should be girls that not only know, defend, and support me, but they should also be girls that help me grow and become a better version of myself.—YWEC Ambassador Makayla Cole

I discovered a community of strong women who are ready to grow even stronger and I found that to be really supportive…—YWEC Ambassador Kailey Young

At YWEC 2018, I learned about respecting myself and others, having self-confidence, recognizing toxic relationships, self-love, God’s love, etc. Hearing many words of inspiration helped me to realize that it is okay to question things in life, but to not give up. After attending YWEC I was empowered to find my true identity and love myself. –Courtney Wrenn

…In my years as an ambassador, I have truly been inspired by the entire experience. Meeting other girls that shared the same goals and ambitions as me assured me that I was not alone in my thinking or ideals, and thus, made me more open to sharing and expressing those ideals among my peers. –Israel Mason

I learned that when a group of women comes together, we hold so much power!! –Lauryn Polito