Young Women's Empowerment Conference

Next Conference March 2, 2019!

2019 Conference Agenda Coming soon!


​​2018 Agenda

10:00 Welcome
10:15 Get Empowered with Kathy Boswell
10:40 Break
10:45 Living Your Strengths … to Unleash Your Inner Potential Kristie McCullough and Taylor Cooper
11:45 Break
12:15p Lunch—Catered by Mason Dixon Bakery                     
12:20 Trailblazer Bianca Schmitt: How a Young Adult Created Success Around Her Passion for Horses 
12:45 Break  
1:05 What Are Your Words Worth? Chandra Sparks Splond Shares Writing Careers to Consider  
1:30 Break
1:45 Are You Ready for College Life? Panel Session
2:45 Safety First: Valencia Moss teaches us how to keep our Relationships Healthy
3:10 Break
3:15 YWEC Celebrates 10 Years of Inspiration and Empowerment, Panel Session
3:45 Real-life Role Model: NASA's Dr. Shelia Nash-Stevenson Inspires Our Rising Stars
4:15 Closing  
4:30 End