Young Women's Empowerment Conference Birmingham, AL
Presents..."Be Beautiful! Be Bold! Be Brilliant" March 15, 2014

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Thanks to Everyone Involved in the 2014 Annual Young Women's Empowerment Conference!


Extraordinary young women ages 14-19 in and around Birmingham who are looking to connect with other teen girls, explore different possibilities and get excited about their future!

What: Mingle with other teen girls! Meet the outstanding female speakers who will give you the scoop on college, money matters, and volunteering in your community, plus so much more!

When: The 6th annual conference took place on March 15th, 2014.
Bradley Lecture Center
Children's Hospital, Downtown Birmingham
1600 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233                 

Why: Because as a fierce and fabulous teen woman, you hold the key to your own success! And there's no better feeling than to know that YOU ARE EMPOWERED!!

**PLEASE NOTE- This event is BY INVITATION ONLY. Information about the 2015 conference will be posted in the Fall.

"Throughout my life, I’ve had the pleasure to know how to rise above my personal goals and surprise everyone. Specifically, this past year, I’ve achieved more than I could ever have expected. I won the Empowerment Award last year at the Young Women’s Empowerment Conference, and I was completely honored. I know that I can reach out to my community and show them that life can be better, that life is beautiful."
Abby Cook, Junior, John Carroll Catholic High School
YWEC Teen Ambassadors Board Member 2010-2011

"I attended this conference last year, and it was MAGNIFICENT! I received some great information that I can use for the rest of my life. The food was wonderful and so was the entertainment. I met people who were of great positions, people who have already excelled in the fields of study where I am trying to get. I also met some peers whom I will remember forever."
Sarah Seawright, Senior, Fairfield Preparatory High School

"It is important to me to come to the conference because I enjoyed being empowered last year, and it pushed me to become a new person. The speakers taught me to picture my future and now I focus on doing what is necessary for me to reach my goals. Last year I was finally able to make the A/B honor roll, for the first time, during my high school years. In addition, I had the courage to work extremely hard and try out for my school’s tennis team, and I was able to make it. The 2009 conference helped empower me to change myself to become a better person last year; and I look forward to the 2010 conference empowering me before I begin to walk into my college years."
Christina Burnett, Senior, Hoover High School


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